Choice cuts of meat!

Forget the big box stores when it comes to buying your meat, instead, special order your cuts of meat and let our butchers do what they do best. Whether you are looking for flavorful burgers, a special cut of juicy steaks, or a specific portion of tasty ribs, we are your hometown butcher. Larry’s Foodland has the highest quality meat products that you will need for your next meal. Visit our Butcher Shop at Larry’s Foodland for the best selection of meats and choice cuts for every occasion and every budget.


At Larry's Foodland, the satisfaction of our customer is Priority #1. We continue to introduce new grocery items, fresher choices, and quality fresh prepared foods. If you don't see what you're looking for remember to just ASK LARRY. We will be happy to help you!

"They have the best customer service for a small grocery store in the neighborhood. The staff is also very helpful. If you can’t find it, they will help you find it, and it’s a very clean store." - Carla