Prepared to the best standards.

We exclusively carry Boar’s Head lunchmeats and cheese. There is a wide variety of deli choices including ham, turkey, bologna, salami, and chicken. Our cheese and lunchmeats are prepared to your standards for it to be easy and convenient for you to go home and make delicious sandwiches for the family. If you need a Deli Tray for a special event, give us a call or ask an associate in store.

Deli hours:
8am-8pm every day


At Larry's Foodland, the satisfaction of our customer is Priority #1. We continue to introduce new grocery items, fresher choices, and quality fresh prepared foods. If you don't see what you're looking for remember to just ASK LARRY. We will be happy to help you!

"I work near Larry's and know I can swing in at any time to get exactly what I need. It is so nice to have a small, convenient, friendly store there when I need it." - Susan